Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lately I've been hard to reach....

We are getting ready for the holidays the best we can here on the Oregon Coast. Such a shame we don't get snow here.  I am forced to get my snow fix from farmville and varrious winter photos sent to my facebook. I miss the ice cold weather where you have to bundle up and enjoy sipping watm drinks by the fire place.
     One thing I worry about during the holidays is cash. It seems like we never have enough. We are a small family of 2 adults and a toddler yet the way food and laundry soap gets used up around here you would think an entire dorm of teens lived here!
I have taken to entering a ton of giveaways all around blogisphere...last year this helped me a TON and my kids were able to have a nice Christmas. This may mean I must blog again because I refuse to place a button on my blog and have no new reading material up.
The things I say on here can be so far out it can even offend some, but I'll be real with you.
I am a gen X mom and an addict at that. I have quit all drugs, but i struggle with alcohol. I smoke marijuana for pain and I am legal to do so.  My husband and I have our ups and downs yet in the end we all come out better people.
I am passionate about helping others especially my friends. This has gotten me in a great deal of trouble including relapse on alcohol.
I will close with this. God has never given more to me than I can handle. Every trial has made me a better, stronger more grateful person.