Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was asked to review a wonderful product that has been around for as far back as I can remember. We have all seen the dark colored juice in store coolers for some time, but until recently i never gave much thought to the amazing health benefits of POM WONDERFUL 100% Pomegranate Juice.
To begin with I love the tart flavor of the juice and the burst of energy I get after drinking it is far more healthy then the line of energy drinks out there and its 100% natural so there is no chemical induced crash at the end. The cute little bottle packs a punch of health benefits and for my husband to say he likes it means so much because he is so anti health food! He has requested we keep it in the house and I will honor that as I try so hard to get this man to eat a healthy diet. Heart disease runs in both our families witch is why I was delighted to discover all the super heart health benefits of this product!

Did you know that the POM product is backed by $32 million in medical research? Guess what they discovered? You know that glass of wine a day doctors recommend? POM WONDERFUL kicks it up a notch as having a higher potency of antioxidants then red wine and comes out way ahead of other juices including grape and Alci juice!
Copy the following link to your browser to see the comparison for yourself!
What are the health benefits specifically? Well to begin with the it benefits your cardiovascular health. Studies have proven even people which current heart health issues showed increase blood flow to the heart after consuming the juice for 3 months.
I always say its cheaper to deal with health issues BEFORE they become an issue. POM WONDERFUL has also proven to be of great benefit to men in particular as it aids in prostate health and erectile function.

You should go check out the site and learn about all the studies that have been done on POM WONDERFUL!
Copy this to your browser to see for yourself.

I was sent pom wonderful to review and was not paid anything for this review!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lifestyle Change! (ZUMBA STYLE)

Talk about a compleat change in lifestyle going on here in Lynn Land. I have been working out allot and to watch the pounds fall off and feel the increaced enegery is so rewarding. I love how I have been better able to keep up with my toddler and messy husband. I am sleeping better and my body is just functioning better as a whole.
I got to thinking...if my blood just sits stagnent in my body all say my heart simply pumping it through my veins, its no wonder i feel so lathargic all the time! Sheesh!
I took up a new excersize/dance class at the gym a week ago and it is called Zumba. The instructors were once big girls like myself and in a matter of months have literly transformed there bodys in to tight little vessels that move in ways I can only hope to manipulate my own hips to follow. They inspire me so much because we have a "brag board" all the class members post pictures of themselves on "before zumba" and I too will soon be joining with my own picture from a cookie party I went to this year.
I remember in the years I was useing meth/heroin I got down to a sickly 113lbs and resembled a skelton with skin streched over it. No tone, pail and dark circles under my hallow eyes. I am now 204 and btw im 5'8 so the 113 looked bad on me and so dose the 204 so we must find a happy weight. I am thinking of 130. To be realistic 140.
When I started working out I was 210. yikes. thats the weight of my first full term pregnancy!
So Im going to explaine a little of what Zumba is. It is a mix of dance, latin dance, belly dance and we turn off the lights and turn on the lighting system so its like the real dance floor with fans and lattin/reggi music, rap and some modern pop. Its just so cool and its fun when you see the weight come off.
Have you ever heard about zumba?
Check it out at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two of a kind, working on a full house: Savannah Jack's Review And Giveaway

Here is a great giveaway you can get in on! its from
and they are giveing away a GC!

Two of a kind, working on a full house: Savannah Jack's Review And Giveaway

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the last day with the Mother in LAW

She leaves in the morning. my husband and I are both ready and if it was not for his daughter who lives with grandma 10 days would be too long.
according to the MIL my life is insane and she could never live it! I don't make my bed as soon as I get out of it nor do I fold the "wash" as soon as it's done. During my daughters potty training I have allowed her to run about the house with no underwear on because she is just peeing in her pull ups or panties. I don't serve up dinner every night on time. sometimes its an hour late. I should vacuum every day, but I do not. This is all part of what "runns her nuts"...
lets not even get into how i parent because I don't want to swear and I would.
I am just going to be glad to have my house back.i hope i make it

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Win Chiken Soup For the Soul: Devoational stories for Women

I need to be spending more time with the Lord who had the biggest role in my recovery. It seems like I get everything back and I forget about God and just go on about my life not giving Him the glory. I am, by far not Religious yet I love Jesus and desire a walk with him in my day to day life, but its a constant struggle to not vear off on the wrong path. By wrong path I do not mean drugs...I simply mean not leading a lifestyle that will produce spiritual fruit.
I think it would help to spend time with HIM in Devoations daily. To not hop on the computer first thing when I wake up, but rather curl up on the couch for a few moments with God and I think I found a good way to start.
Messages from Melissa is having a nice little giveaway sponsored by the people who have warmed our hearts for many years "chicken soup for the soul" Just copy & Paste the following into your browser
you can enter to win a copy for yourself or just head over to Amazon for $10.17 by popping this link into your browser

if you would like to read up on Chicken Soup for the Soul head over to the main website here
and check it out.
As always I need to learn how to take links and turn them into clickable words
for example if i could say click *here* for the info you could click on the *here* and get to the site. go to Melissa's site and check it out.