Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burts Bees Natural Skin Solutions *REVIEW*

I was pleased to be able to review this lovely new product from Burts Bees newest line of skincare. I never considered myself having sensitive skin that is until I got my hands on this new product Burts Bee's Facial Cleanser for Sensitive skin. I used as directed and noted no smell whatsoever, so for all you ladies/gents  turned off by the sometimes overpowering scent in your skincare line this is the cleanser for you!  It rinsed it all off only to reveal soft supple skin that normally appears blotchy, dry in some areas and oily a couple hours later.
    The moisturiser topped it off nicely. My shin drank it up and looks, appeared and was like a smooth canvas all ready to apply makeup....no tightness, no tingling no redness. LOVED IT!  There was no scent again in this product just as the entire Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Line.
Rather than fragrance and nasty chemicals the products contain cotton, rice and Aloe that have all been proven to help replenish skins outer layer.
This company has been around over 25 years, so the hunt is over for a product that is trusted and effective. The line includes Sensitive Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Day Moisturiser, Sensitive eye cream ( recommended for all because they skin around your eyes is extra sensitive) and finally a thick luxurious night cream that ill leave you waking up with glowing skin.

I did use this last night so I could see upon rising if I had any redness or irritation, oil patches or breakouts and a good report reveals NONE of the above.

After using the product this morning i applied my makeup and my skin looked younger and even toned. Like I said I never thought of myself having sensitive skin until as a Buzz Agent I was asked to review this line. I can see now that the redness is gone and my skin tone is even as can be! Love my new glow!
I have so many friends that are going to love this. That is exactly why I love being a BuzzAgent. Yes, I was given this product free to try, not  dime was sent to me for this review, I say what I mean and mean what I say as they are solely my opinions. :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nook Book Giveaway @The not so Blog:)

Heads up my fellow book worms. There is a great prize pack up for grabs over at The Experimental Mommy. The lovely package consists of some money saving coupons ranging from Stouffers, Boost Kids, Tombstone and MORE! The giveaway is sponsored by Nestle so the coupons feature this family friendly brand.
Featured in the giveaway is a Nook Color. How I have wanted to own one of these fine pieces of technology, Lucky for me The not so Blog is giving us all a chance to win one. How sweet is that?
While your in the giveaway spirit head over to the Nestle back to School Sweepstakes where you can win 5K for back to school or a Nestle Literacy Grant for your school!
So go pay Bridgette a visit at Experimental Mommy and ENTER to win:)
Ends October 18, 11:59pm CST
Good Luck


Saturday, September 17, 2011

MyBabyClothes Giveaway via Experimental Mommy

Head on over to The Not So Blog to enter a super cute giveaway sponsored by a cute little Baby Boutique filled with baby clothes that will make your heart melt and if you have a photo shoot lined up this is the place to go. Over at the Not o blog you can even enter to win a 25GC to get yourself something cute.

Back to blog

So its back to blogging for me I suppose. i need to do something to contribute to a desired lifestyle I have for my girls. I can not afford to buy these things so I aim to win, review and obtain at little or no cost a slew of Christmas gifts. A few things, ideas and recipes to help out on Thanksgiving, Christmas and NewYears meals. So much out there in the world of mom blogging. I have been reading a great deal about how blogs are combining forces to create more traffic for one another. I can only home one of these talented ladies drop me a few lines of advice.
I have learned about what people do and don't want to read about with facebook and the whole "like" option and reading comments. I have compiled this all into the little computer I call my brain and here I blog getting ready to expose some fellow bloggers that are far ahead of me in exp and skill. I will get there someday. Meanwhile here is a pix of my little girl. She is 9 weeks.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lately I've been hard to reach....

We are getting ready for the holidays the best we can here on the Oregon Coast. Such a shame we don't get snow here.  I am forced to get my snow fix from farmville and varrious winter photos sent to my facebook. I miss the ice cold weather where you have to bundle up and enjoy sipping watm drinks by the fire place.
     One thing I worry about during the holidays is cash. It seems like we never have enough. We are a small family of 2 adults and a toddler yet the way food and laundry soap gets used up around here you would think an entire dorm of teens lived here!
I have taken to entering a ton of giveaways all around blogisphere...last year this helped me a TON and my kids were able to have a nice Christmas. This may mean I must blog again because I refuse to place a button on my blog and have no new reading material up.
The things I say on here can be so far out it can even offend some, but I'll be real with you.
I am a gen X mom and an addict at that. I have quit all drugs, but i struggle with alcohol. I smoke marijuana for pain and I am legal to do so.  My husband and I have our ups and downs yet in the end we all come out better people.
I am passionate about helping others especially my friends. This has gotten me in a great deal of trouble including relapse on alcohol.
I will close with this. God has never given more to me than I can handle. Every trial has made me a better, stronger more grateful person.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teenage Junkie LOVE

I can remembering being in love for the first time. How could anyone forget that? This guy was my modern day prince charming and every moment with him was filled with lust and passion. mix the drugs we did and who knows what I was feeling, but I know today I feel like a fat slug totally unmotivated. This guy...we will call him Dave, ironic enough..Well, here I was this little goth strung out on meth 17 years old and a virgin at that. I was soft spoken at times.. other times I just seemed to get out there.  I was an unpredictable mothers worst nightmare. Dave was my world. We got high together, went out at night together just playing in the streets of Salem Oregon We got to know one another inside out. I shared pieces of my heart with this guy and he had my heart in his hands..looking into his ocean blue eyes was intoxicating.... The feeling is still so close as I recall those warm summer nights that turned into days as the methanphanamine took us all over the city and in the end....we all just sort of drifted apart. I know I got hooked on heroin, Nikki died of an overdose. I emailed lover boy Dave the other day and he is on probation. on medical marijuana and a full time college student. He is still undeniably sexy with eyes as blue as the sea and a sexy little gap in his trademark smile...He has filled out well now that hes not tweaking and I have to say I too have filled out in a much more unflattering manner....
Anyway thats all I got to say on that. It was just a random feeling that has had be captive so i felt compelled to write about it. First love. *cye* I'm one in a million still thinking about that guy...lol my mind is a trip of a thing, no?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I remember frolicking in the meadow with my rot mix dog named Tippy.  The valley was warm and it turned the once green pastures littered with wild flowers brown and sparse of any life. Burrs stuck to my worn out shoes and dirt made its way even between my nails......I would walk around in the woods surrounding our property always looking for a new journey or experience. I just loved to be out in nature.
20 years later and I have lost sight as to what holds true to me. I haven't been out in nature for so long i forgot what what it feels like to have legs that can scurry up an oak tree or even the feeling of reaching the top of one of those huge ass poplar trees. Risks I took. Direction- not so much.
I suppose that is exactly why i became an addict. lol who knows because I sure don't. 
I just know this. I'm blessed today. I have been hearing in the news of all this panic and war, sickness. Its bad. I hear it. Here I have such a happy, healthy three year old daughter who looks just like her older brother. 
Ultimately I will live life to the fullest never denying my children a moment of joy. I will be forever grateful to a loving God for whom without I would face certain death. Heck, id been dead years ago...