Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I love to read to my children. It is a gift that a mother can give her child that will last a lifetime. One must have good reading skills in order to learn much of anything. I am currently working on my GED and the 4 out of the 5 tests are all dependent on my ability to read and comprehend.
I was excited to learn about the newest device from Vtech. The Vtech Reader has a variety on interactive stories you can enjoy with your children and many of the stories are free. There is an interactive globe and reading comprehension games look like allot of fun!
This has been said to be the Kindle for kids. I am going to do me best to keep all my readers updated on all the sites offering this product in a giveaway along with reviews from a variety of bloggers!
Enter to Win one here~
The Not so blogs Experimental Mommy
Jolly Mom
Mamas Money Savers
Two of a kind working on a full house
J. leigh designz

Monday, June 28, 2010

Slix Giveaway

I never thought I would be writing about men's underwear, but here I am calling attention to the ever so sexy Slix at The Experimental Mommy. I like the way my husband looks in boxer briefs! They are said to be extremely comfortable and breathable and one fella even boasted about the wearability of Slix in hot weather. I'm not  guy, but I can imagine humidity becoming problematic from time to time.
There are some great things to be said about this product and you can read the whole review over at The Experimental Mommy and enter to win the giveaway too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kung Zhu Giveaway

I recall when the Zhu Zhu Pets hit the local toy store. By Christmas the Zhu Zhu pet was at the top of every child's wish list as they flew off the shelves and started showing up all over cyberspace as the hottest new toy trend. My son was begging to have one and his dad shuttered. He remarked that this was a toy for girls and he did not want Steven to have one. I took the opportunity to go get my son a few he could keep at moms house and his dad could just deal with it. We are separated for a reason his dad and I. We have various different views on endless issues I wont get into now as it would only not pertain to the point. lol and I have been known to go on endlessly about issues...
MY POINT is I was thrilled when I went over to Robins blog mark it with a b and discovered the super cute Kung Zhu Nijas!!I love that these toys are all boy and my son would love it. In fact I think my little girl would even get a kick out of watching these little guys chase after each other!

The best part is you can WIN the following:
2 Special Forces Zhu Zhu Hamsters
2 Battle Armour Sets
2 Traps {1 Hammer and 1 Missile}
1 Giant Battle Arena

Head on over to mark it with a b to get in on this cool giveaway and read the review!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love to don my flip flops on a daily basis. they are easy to slip on on the way out the door and just as easy to slip off under the table where ever I may be. I was pleased to find a lovely giveaway over at The Not So BlogYay! Flip Flops! These are actually at called  feelgoodz and are biodegradable flip flops made in Thailand from natural rubber! How neat is that? They look like they are pretty well made and 3 percent of the profits are donated to three different charities that will either directly or indirectly help by improving living conditions and business opportunities!!! Sweet!
Head on over to The not so blog to enter to win a pair for yourself or go directly to Feelgoodz and buy a pair! Good luck and good day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drugs. they are a big part of who I was and no longer who I am. I no longer identify with people on the streets. I can to an extent, but I quickly remind myself of who I am and how much hard work it took to get myself to the point where I am today..troubles come and i remind myself that I am human and make mistakes. just because I'm clean doesn't give me the right to judge another. I'm implying here what I feel about myself in the world. I no longer chill with junkies and criminals. I stay at home and tend to the family and attend afternoon classes as i work towards an education. I tend to doubt myself and my abilities as a parent. I wonder how a person like myself could ever be blessed with such an amazing child like Angel. My precious 2 year old whom I live and would die for.
This is her a year ago. I just love this picture so much! She is a handful but all worth it. I sometimes wonder if I'm going to wake up from this dream and find myself strung out and sick in a smokey old motel room. Alone and broken...
Here I am a mother, a wife and a daughter. I want to excel in all the areas as i try so hard to make up for all I took from those whom I love. I took years that were supposed to be joyful and turned them into nightmares for my poor mother. My oldest son Steven...that is a deep wound lets not even go there as that's a whole new post...
I like writing here because  figure a good present of the people reading this are pretty much normies that never really got hooked on tar heroin or meth. I do, however think we have all been touched my addiction in one form or another. Be it an Aunt or Uncle, sister, brother or even a parent. Anyway, I just love reading about you all and the info I gain from several of the blogs i follow gets put to good use as i have a pretty dull social life that affords me little time with other moms. I keep my guard up anymore. I have to because those I DO associate with in The Program live compromised lifestyles themselves. Well, ya..these are my kids Steven and Angel

Step Into Summer Blog Party

I am so excited that the weather here in Oregon is finally getting better. For weeks on end we had rainfall and wind that left my poor hubby depressed and talking about moving to California where the sun shined brightly. We decided on a whim to load up the F150 and take a road trip to the sunshine. I was able to get plenty of Vitamin D during our visit although any dermatologist would cringe at my sun kissed shoulders.
We are now home and it seems as if the sun has followed us home. It is still cold here o the Southern Oregon Coast, but at least my little garden is getting much needed rays of light to grow and flourish in...
SUMMER TIME means summer inspired giveaways in the land of blog!!  I happen to know Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom will be hosting several sizzling hot reviews and giveaways. I would get on over there to take advantage of any extra entire opportunities! I think its gonna be a great line up:)
As for summer here on the coast I am shure we will be getting our summer here late as usual. Summer here tends to fall in August and the weather is pretty mellow so that's no pun intended.
I have to go I'm starting to sound stupid...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CHANNELLOCK Tool Giveaway~

I found a great daddy giveaway here on The not so Blog featuring CHANNELLOCK BLUE® TOOLS! The tools look well made and I know hubby could use them around our new house often. Tools are an investment if you ask me and you get what you pay for. Here are some facts about the line of tools offered at Channellock~
~CHANNELLOCK® uses high carbon steel for superior performance on the job.
~The right angle, laser heat-treated teeth on our Tongue and Groove pliers grip better, and last longer.
~The Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer.
~CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips are designed for durability and comfort on the job.
~Only CHANNELLOCK uses a knife and anvil style cutting edge to ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life on our cutting pliers.
The product sounds great and I hope you go check out the whole line at Channellock and read the review on The Experimental Mommy where you ca also enter the giveaway to win a tool set for the dad or husband in your life! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a mental!!

I will openly admit...i still take drugs and I hate it. I take Lexapro and as of today I have been prescribed SeroquelXR for a serous sleeping disorder primarily caused by bipolar disorder. I can ask myself if it was the drugs in the past that caused me to HAVE TO take the pills i take today OR I can say was it the mental illness that drew me to the lure of self sedation as a teen. As i teen i took part in a variety of activities that suggested something was terribly wrong. Self harm and drug abuse primarily. I remember allot of isolation and pounding the dark lyrics of Marilyn Manson into my brain with headphones.
This is much like witch came first...the chicken or the egg..?
I am certainly irrational at times questioning my ability as a parent, wife and daughter. I doubt my ability to get the education i need to be able to give my family the lifestyle we all want. I trudge along and live one day to the next wishing to GOD there was some way to fix whats broken. I am broken.
Then there are days all is going amazing well and I'm flying through math class jumping one hurdle to the next. I am able to do my writing with ease and writers block is yesterdays news. I'm happy to say I'm feeling better and the light shins in through the darkness...
Then it all comes crashing down. the combination of medication is not working and once again I'm unable to sleep or i wake up at 4am. I dread the day of lucid existence ahead of me and keep on swimming.
I hope this new medication works. I need to feel better. I have well over a year clean and I just want to feel rested and refreshed. I want to go get in a good workout at the gym, get back to school and meetings.
We will see. I do hope I sleep tonight...