Saturday, July 31, 2010

At Home Microdermabration Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt anyone truly knows what a skincare junkie I am. There was a time in my life where I have sold Mary Kay and Avon. I have a variety of lotions and potions that I use on a regular basis to prevent ageing. I am 30 now and I still think prevention is the best solution to ageing and I'm not about to shell out dollars to the derm unless its health related. I wish I was in a position to where I could afford one, but I'm not.
I was glad to see some giveaways that were offering a great alternative to microdermabration normally done by appt only. Over at the Beauty and Personal Grooming blog they are offering a Personal Microderm System you use from your own home with a ton of Science to back it up. I would love to win the system myself because of the glow I have had after using other microdermabration systems on my skin. I think everyone should micro derm there faces simply because the face is the first thing people see and In the professional world looks can go a long way. Sad but true.
There are a few other blogs offering this lovely product up for grabs and I will list them for you ongoing!
as of now here are all the blogs offering this amazing giveaway;
Beauty and Personal Grooming
Jolly Mom


Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall will be here before we know it!

my daughter is not yet potty trained and fall is fast approaching along with it comes Head Start and AWANAS for my daughter . Head Start is like a little preschool funded by the state. It is well known for  family involvement and support and AWANAS is a faith based program for kids of all ages. I have a personal love for this little club  because I myself was exposed to AWANAS as a girl. I later spent some time as a "Sparks" leader. I think those who teach children about God get special blessings in heaven!
Eny way...i have to potty train her before i send her to these programs. I mean, at this age these teachers don't want to change my kids diaper. I mean shes 3. I suppose you would call her a kid now that she pretty much talks. ug. i know I'm not the first mom to battle the "summer before school" potty training. I have till
ideas wanted and comments welcome...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I speak little on my teenage years as you would cringe at what I must've put my dear mother through. I'm serous. i was that once fresh faced and Innocent brown eyed girl every mother dreams of. I volunteered in the local library and was an avid reader. One summer I did a complete change. I died my hair black and promptly began shooting tar heroin at 15!
I had this drive to do something big time be it criminal or not. Self destructive would be more like it. I still lack the ability to recall just what my thinking was like. I do however remember several weeks or even months i completely lost. Its a mess in my head now. I guess garbage in garbage out. you are what you hold highest. I will say this. There were happy days in there. Then again...there were some of my darkest days brought on by heroin. Losing Nikki to the drug was a real eye opener. there will always be this void of her in me. We were known as the "dark sisters" because heroin is black and like the whole town know. Even my boss, but she spoke of nothing to me.
So I have this precious little 3 year old daughter and I see so much of her in my its amazing. my strong will and drive is there in full force. Lets see if I have what it takes to teach her the ropes in this world. I want to be here for her. My God I love and want the best for her.
Well that's it for now...Got to cook the fam dinner :P

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Road Trip

It is going to be time for a nap soon. I have been home from out little road trip still catching up with phone calls and emails. I wanted to say a little on how our trip went as far as children were concerned because we all know what its like to be on a seemingly never ending road to our destination.
To the left is my soon to be 3 year old daughter. She looks so cute and we even named her Angel. God bless my dear friend Stephany for enduring allot of this time in the cab of the truck with my screaming child

In addition to that Steph's son age 6 was right nest to Angel and the two fought like brother and sister and it was then I realised what my brother and I must've put our parents through on the road.

In the end on the way home she was only happy if she could by up front with mom and dad. chowing down on Cheetos.

FINALLY on the last two hours home...

Monday, July 5, 2010


I wish I got better sleep than I do. It has been many years I have been battling a sleep disorder. Probably just about 8 years. This causes me to be rather grumpy from time to time and also causes me to be a tad on the slow side when it comes to math. I have to say I was glad to see the Not so blog was giving away a pillows. I thought that i would go check it out. There I saw they had a variety of products geared to help one sleep better from Memory Foam Mattresses to mattress toppers that some even scented with Green tea like the 2" caress top!
Now if you go over to Sleep Joy you can see for yourself all the great sleep products they have. If you go to the not so blog you can enter to win a pillow! Good luck :) Visit here for the giveaway~