Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Post

My first blog i will tell you a bit about myself and my family. my name is Lynn and I'm a 30 year old sahm living on the southern Oregon coast. I am fortunate to live walking distance from the ocean and i feel blessed to say I have 3 healthy children although only one lives here with me. my ten year old lives with her grandma in California. she is Joe (my hubby's) daughter from a previous relationship. Then we have Steven my first born and he loves a couple miles away with his daddy, but he spends lots of time with his mother and little sister Angel who is 2. Now baby girl lives with us. She is 2 and her middle naim is Rain given the name of my blog! Rainmommy!
For now let me say that I am blessed beyond words with this blond little fire cracker. It seems like she is forever on the go and nonstop into this and that. She loves to "help" mommy and her favorite thing to help with is the dishes where she stands on her stool..or "tool" as she calls it, and I stand behind her as we dip our hands in the sudsy warm water chit chatting gibberish toddler babble as we wash dish by dish together.
Did I mention we are moveing into our first ever home in like 12 days? Well we are! We will be much closer to my hubbys work as a Bridge operator in Carliston, OR! That also means I am a short walk from the bay. It is a huge house with 3 bedrooms and a den! Not much of a year, but its ok. I need to start packing, but we have given away a ton of stuff so there is less to move.
I am being summuned to take my toddler pee so I will get back later! Please keep reading as my long term goal is to become a product reviewer! If you know how to go about that let me know in a comment, k?

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  1. Love the blog! How was the move? Have you settled in yet?

    Answer to your question- How do you become a product reviewer: Find stuff that you already have or stuff you have won from others giveaways and write about it. Don't just write the good, write it all even what you didn't like and improvement recommendations. Also, get your blog out there by commenting on other blogs. Not just the giveaways. But to the other posts too. Bloggers like to see who is commenting on their posts and will sometimes return the favor.