Sunday, August 1, 2010


I remember frolicking in the meadow with my rot mix dog named Tippy.  The valley was warm and it turned the once green pastures littered with wild flowers brown and sparse of any life. Burrs stuck to my worn out shoes and dirt made its way even between my nails......I would walk around in the woods surrounding our property always looking for a new journey or experience. I just loved to be out in nature.
20 years later and I have lost sight as to what holds true to me. I haven't been out in nature for so long i forgot what what it feels like to have legs that can scurry up an oak tree or even the feeling of reaching the top of one of those huge ass poplar trees. Risks I took. Direction- not so much.
I suppose that is exactly why i became an addict. lol who knows because I sure don't. 
I just know this. I'm blessed today. I have been hearing in the news of all this panic and war, sickness. Its bad. I hear it. Here I have such a happy, healthy three year old daughter who looks just like her older brother. 
Ultimately I will live life to the fullest never denying my children a moment of joy. I will be forever grateful to a loving God for whom without I would face certain death. Heck, id been dead years ago...

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