Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to blog

So its back to blogging for me I suppose. i need to do something to contribute to a desired lifestyle I have for my girls. I can not afford to buy these things so I aim to win, review and obtain at little or no cost a slew of Christmas gifts. A few things, ideas and recipes to help out on Thanksgiving, Christmas and NewYears meals. So much out there in the world of mom blogging. I have been reading a great deal about how blogs are combining forces to create more traffic for one another. I can only home one of these talented ladies drop me a few lines of advice.
I have learned about what people do and don't want to read about with facebook and the whole "like" option and reading comments. I have compiled this all into the little computer I call my brain and here I blog getting ready to expose some fellow bloggers that are far ahead of me in exp and skill. I will get there someday. Meanwhile here is a pix of my little girl. She is 9 weeks.

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