Sunday, April 4, 2010


The following years were filled with more drugs and older men. more trips to JDH and finally at 18 I was off probation and free to do as I wish. I moved out of my brothers where I had been livibg for many years as I was kicked out of my parents house. I met a man 20 years older and moved in with him. He was fresh from prison foe importation of drugs into the states. He had done many years in federal prison and picked up the trade of being an HVAC tech. He had a full time job at a place called Jet Heating and this job offered to fly him to Hawaii for a job. Trip, place to live and predeum all offered. I was to stay and watch over his apartment and he would send me rent, food money and cash to feed my habit while he was gone. I was thrilled to have a sugar daddy that actualy worked and kept me high around the clock. He had a habbit too and was ready to kick it after he landed in Hawaii. We had been togeather about 3 months when he left. We said our goodbuys and got loaded togeather for his last time for 3 months. He walked out the door and I got on the phome with our drug dealer and he arived an hour later.
Things fell apart all around me after the drug dealer moved in. He got me higher than Terry ever could afford. I sat there high on heroin and smokeing meth all day. I let the condo go to shit. People moved in and I would use the dresser to hold the bedroom door shut as I was so paranoied people were going to come in the room and see my condition. I looked like death. scabs covered my body, track marks were all over my arms and neck, my eyer darted around wiledly and I had gotted a few new absesses.
I would let the dealer in and a couple close friends once in a while but thats all.
The day came when my worst fear came true and the police showed up with a warrent. Dealer was gone. Just Tommy (terrys cousin) was there and his wife. The police marched directly up to my room. like they knew where everything was. I had 10 filly loaded needles in my top drawr allong with an aray of checks I still had intended to wash. I had a stack of credit cards in the bathroom. I panicked and stood there with just a jersey on and nothing else. My skinny brused legs and arms exposed.
I jearked about and was instructed to sit on the bed and I did. The officers began the small talk by asking me how I had been. I was well known by the police. it seemed I allways got busted by the same set of cops. I was being investigated I later discovered. The older officer that had known me since I was 14 began looking throught the room. He began explaining he was there for "paper work" and wanted to know where it all was. I knew where it was. in the top drawr. where all the heroin was. where my meth pipe was. I panicked more. The other officer began drilling me about the whereabouts of all the biggest dealers in Salem and I claimed to not know. I lied. I had known these people 5 years. I was not breaking the code...then the officer slid open the top heart dropped

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