Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall will be here before we know it!

my daughter is not yet potty trained and fall is fast approaching along with it comes Head Start and AWANAS for my daughter . Head Start is like a little preschool funded by the state. It is well known for  family involvement and support and AWANAS is a faith based program for kids of all ages. I have a personal love for this little club  because I myself was exposed to AWANAS as a girl. I later spent some time as a "Sparks" leader. I think those who teach children about God get special blessings in heaven!
Eny way...i have to potty train her before i send her to these programs. I mean, at this age these teachers don't want to change my kids diaper. I mean shes 3. I suppose you would call her a kid now that she pretty much talks. ug. i know I'm not the first mom to battle the "summer before school" potty training. I have till
ideas wanted and comments welcome...

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