Sunday, December 20, 2009

All moved in!

Well, we are moved into our new house! I love it! not everything is unpacked and the stress of having Christmas Dinner at my house is getting more intence! There are boxes everywhere and the old house still needs cleaned if we want our deposet back.
God Bless hubbys sponsor as he was the only one to come through to help us move and Joe has agreed to split the deposit with him if he helps us clean the old place up to bring it back to the luster it was when we moved in. It's just the right thing to do! That place was falling apart. After looking at countless homes in search of the one we are in now, it brought to light all the exsisting problems the rental we once occupied had. Dry rot, pests galore ( no roatches thank God ).
Today is my first ever cookie party and I made oreo bark. I had to make it late last night and it was pretty easy. I have a 20 dollar gift card for the gift exchange at my sponsors place. My sponsor happens to be joes sponsors wife! Go figure. For those of you who havent guessed by now I am a member of AA and our "sponsors" work the steps with us and are there for us when we need to talk.
I had better go. Hubby is up and bitching. I need to phone the garbage man first thing in the morning! yikes!

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  1. Girl you are gonna have to take some pictures of that new house.

    I know the feeling of the new home that is YOUR. We bought our first home 2 years ago and it really opened our eyes to how landlords don't really take care of their properties.