Thursday, December 31, 2009


I was in the middle of a real situation yesterday. I had to take on a giant pile of laundry armed with laundry soap and a pile of hangers. We have recently moved and my kitchen is littered with boxes and bags of stuff i have no idea where to store. I took out most of the laundry yesterday, but there is so much more! My dear mother in law means well, but she offers advice in many areas of how I do things and I bite my lip as she is going to be here for another week.
Then there is the situation with my husbands oldest daughter Brooke who is 10, but has some pretty searous mental health issues. She was curled up on the coutch in the fetal possition last night suckleing her blankie and just an hour earlier sobbing in walmart. She wants to be the baby so badly, but our youngest is 2 and she is the baby. She is also a daddys girl. She wants "up" allot and then Brooke age 10 bairly 60 pounds wants up too, but daddy cant hold bth unless he sits down and thats just not possiable in walmart checkout. Then the underjams come in. Brooke has to wear them to bed and was upset that her baby sister dosent. She is so jealous of her little sister and its hard for daddy to divide his time. Brooke dose live with her grandma in CA where she gets the serveices she needs. She has lived with her grandma for all her life and its getting hard for grandma to deal with her emoational issues and grandma gives in feeding the illness...
Well I am being given the eye by my mother in law now and I guess she feels I should be folding laundry and not blogging, but without an outlet i fear I would totally go nuts...
I have over 9 months clean and sober, a pile of clothse to hang and fold, a kitchen crowded with boxes and I am lucky in many ways.
I am so greatful that i have a home to live in, boxes of stuff to unpack and laundry to fold. I have my family that is togeather allthough my 6 year old has not yet seen our new home, but will soon. I did not wake up and have the need to get high or in some strange place with some strange guy...
I am going to get gone now and begin on this laundry pile and everything allong the way...


  1. I hear ya, doll.
    I'd rather be where I am than have nothing at all.

    Goodluck unpacking everything.

  2. you are so right I was recently reading in a book that we should always be happy in all situations find joy even if it is not exactly where we want to be it is better than the alternative

  3. Hi Lynn!

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    {I also emailed you on the 29th, and requested a response within 48 hrs.}