Monday, December 7, 2009

My mom, my life and Things Remembered *GIVEAWAY*

Let me tell you about my mother Carol. She is an amazing woman and for years when i had my head in the bag she stiid by me loving me, yet not inableing me. Encourageing me and never doubting that one day her little girl would surender to this disease I like to call Addiction.
She fought it by by side in her own way by raiding parties in surrounding neighbourhoods demanding to whoever answered the door to tell her of the whereabouts of her teenage daughter or the police would arive in no time. She tried , yet i resisted and scailed the back fence breaking into a run as soon as my feet hit the ground.
Later..years later when I was living the life one addicted from youth lives. on coutches and homeless shelters. She never doubted that I would pull out of it. I know from her telling me she stayed up many nights praying for my saftey and protection and let me tell you my mother is not a religious woman, but a mother in fear of her babies life. Can you imagine knowing your little girl is at the mercy of those streets? I can and I am ashaimed I did the things i did. To her.

All the times she and my dad showed up to court in hopes they would lock me up for a really long time so they could sleep at night only to see the juvinal system harden and school me in Criminal Lifestyle 101. Then came the County, where I was hardened by the system as a young adult.

Mt mom was glad when I had my babies Steven now 6 and Angel now 2..I would love to tell you that the birth of my oldest child got me sober and I never looked back, but thats simply not true. I proceded to drink and use well into my 20's and Im now 30 and finally am coming up on a year in March 2010 God Willing!

I want you to know sometimes being a mom is harder than it looks because in reality there are a ton of temptations for our children and they are not getting any less with age.
I love my mom and I have entered the following giveaway in hopes if winning her this bracelet!



the varity of things on the site is wonderful and they even have gifts for other members of your family and lots of stuff is marked down! I love the snow globs and family tree picture fraims!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today and entering the Putumayo CD Giveaway! Good luck!

  2. Such sweet words about your mom.:)

  3. I have a friend that's going through this with her daughter. It is heartbreaking. Most people think it would never happen to their kid but it's very real.

    Try your best to stay positive.

    Happy holidays to you and your family :)