Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new start

Well my husband and I are sitting here attempting to figure out who we trust to help us move all our stuff. We have to move an entire house of stuff today and as we sift through phone numbers we probly should have sifted through days ago we keep running into problems.
One guy, he's great, but alas he is on the run from the law and we would not want to be connected with that. Last time he helped us move his abilitys were wonderful and he was sober, not running from his PO and his ability to know just how to do everything right helped us out allot! It is too bad this disease grabbed him back up.
It's hard when your in early recovery (9 months) and your old friends are off limits and your new ones are a bit iffey because you dont exactly know the backrounds of everyone you meet at an AA meeting!!
Our sponsors both work at the local prisons and have 30 years between the two of them. I have known them both personally for over 10 years.
I don't see my husband and I being able to do this well on our own dew to my lower back problems and the way we bicker under pressure. We need man power.
There is a lovely young man we will call Ray at the local recovery house. He was a certified foster parent with a weed problem who wandered into the rooms sick of having his head in the clouds and stealing change from his son. AA has done amazing things for him as he is a fine man today and walked into the club with an armload of presents for the children of the parents that frequent the club for meetings.
We have talked with him briefly about the move, but we dont know if he is a licenced driver and weather or not dh will even let him drive our nice FordFi50!
Well on another note I am begining a new chapter of my life today moving into a new home we actualy own! It is amazing to see what a little soberity dose for a couple of formar drunks/addicts like us. We have it in us to make it and I am so happy to say those people in the meetings encourageing me every step of the way was the turning point for us! Them like dh and I suffer from an incureable disease called addiction, but they have a solution to the problem and I have chosen to go with it!
Well, here I go God! Thanks for the second chance!

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