Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Step Into Summer Blog Party

I am so excited that the weather here in Oregon is finally getting better. For weeks on end we had rainfall and wind that left my poor hubby depressed and talking about moving to California where the sun shined brightly. We decided on a whim to load up the F150 and take a road trip to the sunshine. I was able to get plenty of Vitamin D during our visit although any dermatologist would cringe at my sun kissed shoulders.
We are now home and it seems as if the sun has followed us home. It is still cold here o the Southern Oregon Coast, but at least my little garden is getting much needed rays of light to grow and flourish in...
SUMMER TIME means summer inspired giveaways in the land of blog!!  I happen to know Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom will be hosting several sizzling hot reviews and giveaways. I would get on over there to take advantage of any extra entire opportunities! I think its gonna be a great line up:)
As for summer here on the coast I am shure we will be getting our summer here late as usual. Summer here tends to fall in August and the weather is pretty mellow so that's cool..lol no pun intended.
I have to go I'm starting to sound stupid...

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