Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kung Zhu Giveaway

I recall when the Zhu Zhu Pets hit the local toy store. By Christmas the Zhu Zhu pet was at the top of every child's wish list as they flew off the shelves and started showing up all over cyberspace as the hottest new toy trend. My son was begging to have one and his dad shuttered. He remarked that this was a toy for girls and he did not want Steven to have one. I took the opportunity to go get my son a few he could keep at moms house and his dad could just deal with it. We are separated for a reason his dad and I. We have various different views on endless issues I wont get into now as it would only not pertain to the point. lol and I have been known to go on endlessly about issues...
MY POINT is I was thrilled when I went over to Robins blog mark it with a b and discovered the super cute Kung Zhu Nijas!!I love that these toys are all boy and my son would love it. In fact I think my little girl would even get a kick out of watching these little guys chase after each other!

The best part is you can WIN the following:
2 Special Forces Zhu Zhu Hamsters
2 Battle Armour Sets
2 Traps {1 Hammer and 1 Missile}
1 Giant Battle Arena

Head on over to mark it with a b to get in on this cool giveaway and read the review!

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